I Have a Luscious Beard

My facial hair does not reach this level of awesome.  That is both a relief, and tragic.

Madame Clementine Delait (1865-1939)
My facial hair does not reach this level of awesome. That is both a relief, and tragic.

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Lets do some good old fashioned soul-baring, inspired by The Militant Baker.

I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.  It can mean a lot of different things to different people. To me it means I keep a closer eye on my heart health and blood sugar, both of which are currently normal. It may have contributed to my current size.  PCOS correlates to the depression that I have dealt with off and on since I was a teen.  I was told I may be infertile when I was diagnosed at 15.  I was diagnosed when my mom and I realized my periods weren’t becoming regular as a teenager.

With a little care, I’m lucky that I am as healthy as a horse.  The jury is out as to whether fatness is a cause or effect things with PCOS, and frankly I only care about it academically.  That same big horse is already out of the barn, and a fancy chestnut mare is she.  Turns out, I’m probably not infertile.  However, I’m all over the jump-straight-to-spoiling role of auntie, so I won’t be testing that theory.

Other people may see actual cystic ovaries (although this is not guaranteed), heavy or absent periods, thyroid issues, thinning hair and acne and other skin issues.  Symptoms vary from person to person.  Symptoms may show up at puberty, like mine did, or may show up later in life.

The biggest part of my PCOS that I deal with daily is the beard…  I started growing facial hair at about 17.  I’ve been super self-conscious of it since then, but turns out people generally don’t notice.  Or they’re too polite to say so.  Even so, I’ve tried almost everything to get rid of it.  Most things I’ve tried have caused more skin irritation and acne than hair removal.  I now reap the benefits of a laser hair removal groupon I used few years ago, and a constant supply of tweezers stashed strategically in the bathroom and in my purse.  I’ve also made more peace with it and don’t worry about it as much anymore.

Female facial hair can be a sign of hormonal imbalance, but it can also be normal human variation.  I don’t discount the fact that the men in my family are impressively hairy.  There are women who embrace their facial hair.  I think that is awesome.  While I like my face smooth, I don’t pretend that the preference is not a cultural thing.  Mariam and Balpreet both look great.


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