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Fat Fashion

I I’ve been asked about where I get my clothes for a while now.  I usually wear dresses or shirt and skirts, and I like to dress up.  So here are some places I shop.

My number one recommendation would be to learn your measurements, know them by heart, and always order to your largest measurement.  You can always get things tailored down.  The exceptions would be stretchy material (you have a 2-or-so inch margin if you’re comfortable with a tight fit), and if your hips are your largest measurement, any flowy skirt will probably not be an issue.

I’ve called a bunch of these companies for sizing help over the phone, they’re usually very helpful.

There’s a mix of trendy and classic, cheap and kind of expensive ($100 dresses).  But, at least with these retailers, you really do get what you pay for.  If it is expensive, it will last you a looooong time – long enough to get tired of stuff!

So without further ado:


Igigi  Kiyonna   Land’s End (COATS!, but their dresses are lovely, too)


City Chic   ASOS Curve   eshakti  (also somewhat classic, they include made to order options,  including customizable length, sleeve style, and sometimes neck line!)


Re/Dress Domino Dollhouse Lucie Lu   B&Lu  Torrid

(Torrid is, in my opinion, a bit overpriced for the quality, so keep an eye on the sales!  Cute underwear and sexy stuff, too)

Basics: (t-shirts, youthful, cheap, on-trend)

Old Navy ( I wear between an XL and a XXL in almost all of their clothes, but they have a plus line, too)

High Quality Basics:  (Camisoles, sweaters, simple skirts, belts, tights…)

We Love Colors tights great quality tights!   Coldwater Creek  Talbots  Nordstrom  Sock Dreams (socks and more tights)

Here are some places for fat fashion inspiration: http://chubby-bunnies.tumblr.com/, http://deathfatties.tumblr.com/, http://fatshionista.livejournal.com/7561736.html

You may notice a few names conspicuously absent.  I don’t care for most of the easily available things at the big stores, but they have their purposes, including Lane Bryant’s bras and panties, which are reasonably priced and decently made.  Which is the nicest thing I think I can say about them…

Please leave your recommendations in the comments!