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Chub Rub II

If you’re wearing shorts or working out, inner thigh protection is a little harder than putting on protective clothing.  I see this type of chub rub as a triage system.

First, try using something you already have at home:

Lotion/Oil – Your favorite body lotion or favorite oil (coconut is a hit) can create enough of a barrier to reduce friction between your thighs (or other body parts).  This method may not last very long if the lotion or oil absorbs quickly.

Powder – Baby powder or cornstarch can stop your skin from rubbing.  This method can be messy, so you can use a washcloth or powder puff to apply.

Deodorant– Your deodorant can also work to ease the friction.  Just  apply the same way you normally do.

Silicone Lubricant – sounds silly, but the same silicone lubricant you may* keep bedside will reduce friction and is long-lasting.

If any of those don’t work, time to bring out the big guns.

Powder–  There are powders designed exclusively to prevent chafing, the most well-known being Anti-Monkey Butt Powder.

Monkey Butt Powder

Bar– These look like deodorant, but serve the express purpose of reducing friction.  BodyGlide is a prime example that I have used.


Secret Shield is a smaller brand that I have heard recommended more than once.  It is available on etsy.

Secret Shield

Cream – Monistat Anti-chafing gel comes in a small tube.  It goes on clear and provides a slight barrier between the legs.

Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel

*(nay, probably should, but that’s another post)

Leave your recommendations in the comments!


Chub Rub Fixes

Whether working out, wearing shorts, or just wearing a skirt in summer, chub rub can easily occur.  Most often, this is when thighs rub and chafe, due to movement combined with heat and perspiration.  Chub rub does not discriminate, either.  Even many (most?) thin women’s thighs touch, and therefore rub.  It can be painful, messy, and some people worry that it is unattractive.  From reading around the internet, lots of people think that they suffer alone.  Not true at all.

Chub rub is fairly easy to deal with.  There are different methods to combat the pain of chub rub, but they can be generally broken down into two groups- clothing barrier and products.   Today we’ll cover the clothing methods, which are best used under skirts.


A traditional option.  Awesome if you love full skirts, petticoats and classic clothing!   These are also often the most widely available, available on Amazon and many other places.  There seems to be  a lot of overlap between the two terms, but here are two options: Pettipants , Bloomers

pettipants Bloomers


For those that love lace, lovees is a shorts option designed to prevent chub-rub and still look good if your skirt blows up.


Thigh Society

These look fantastic.  Thigh Society makes shorts made distinctly to prevent chafing, and in a wide range of sizing.

thigh Society


Alihalla has had some beautiful shorts for under-skirt wear, and they also stock beautiful underwear.  They are on hiatus through the end of the month, but check back then!

Bike Shorts

You can get cotton bike shorts from places like Amazon, department stores, or Target.  Stock varies widely by season.

Up Next, Part 2 – products.  Best for shorts and working out.